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Who we are: East London Escorts - the right choice for your dating needs

We’re so glad that you have selected East London escorts for your intimate companionship needs. We think you have made the right choice and as soon as you have read the description on these pages of the service we provide we are sure you will think so too. Booking an escort can be a difficult business with so many escort agencies springing up every day! East London  escorts is a long established agency with many longstanding clients who would quite frankly never use another agency. Our excellent reputation is built on the commitment of the team, the accuracy and efficacy of the information on the site and of course on the beauty and charm of the escorts themselves. We do believe that our sexy East London escorts are the crème de la crème of outcall model escorts, irresistible, alluring and ever so friendly. If you have never experienced a sensual massage from an East London escort then you have never lived!

The girls on this site are real, the photographs genuine and the biographical information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We want you to feel relaxed when you make your booking, comfortable that everything is being done to make your girl friend experience something special. We set ourselves high standards and if we don't meet them we would appreciate it if you would let us know. So, how to make a booking: first of all peruse the site and relish especially the many sexy, erotic and revealing photographs of the East London escorts. Take your time and savour the many beautiful and enticing sweethearts available for a date with you tonight. Once you have a girl, or girls, in mind just give us a call and your booking will take only a matter of moments to complete. The busty escort of your dreams is less than an hour away. With all that is going on in the world it’s good to know that you can rely on East London escorts to give you the most pleasurable of experiences, at your convenience and at a great value price.

East London escorts – call us soon!

The Best Dates

“Oh brave new world that hath such creatures in it...” so speaketh Miranda in The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last completed play and performed in the sixteen hundreds. She was talking about Ferdinand, a young man washed up on her desert island but she could just as well have been speaking about the myriad beauties here at East London escorts. No doubt there is a red blooded male or two reading who is thinking I wouldn’t mind being a castaway on a tropical island with one or two of these crackers! The girls are awesome aren’t they? Sex on a stick ravishing, sweet and charming, fun and feisty, demure and submissive... all types of girls are available for your pleasure, just call East London escorts and book your date! You are spoilt for choice of course and you may struggle to pick out your ideal woman when there are so many busty escort beauties just waiting for your call. Blondes with the surfer girl athletic and toned look. Sexy Scandinavian hotties looking for a good time. Petite and nubile stunners with a flair for sensual massage and a body for sin. Whatever your dating desires, East London escorts has the companion for you! For an unrivalled relaxing time call East London Escorts right now on 01707 647777.

A quality escort service you can rely on

Though there are many escort agencies offering their services across the capital city we believe only East London escorts offers a truly customer focussed experience and a guarantee about the service provided as well. We know that many potential clients are deterred from booking an escort because they believe that they may be prey to sharp business practices and so they lack the confidence to go that last mile and make the call. With East London escorts you should know that we have many years trading experience and are still around because we have a reputation for honesty at a very reasonable price, not to mention for providing the very best escorts in the city today.

For starters the girls really do exist – we do not use stock photographs from digital image companies to represent the escorts and we do not touch up the pictures using software such as Photoshop. The photographs are recently taken and so show the girls in their true state – and as you can see many of the photographs leave little to the imagination so if these girls had anything to hide they are doing a pretty poor job of it! The information that you see which details the escorts’ ages and body shape, height and sexuality is all completely accurate to the best of our knowledge and when you make a booking we ensure that your escort is punctual and ready to give you a superlative girlfriend experience.

East London Escorts are available for your dating enjoyment right now, simply contact us on 01707 647777.


A simple click through the many escort agency sites on the World Wide Web will quickly reveal that the cost of dating an exceptional beauty can be prohibitively expensive for even the more well heeled of us but thankfully that is not always the case and as you will find with East London escorts our girls offer affordable dating without any discernible difference in dating quality.

But booking a fabulously sexy East London escort costs far fewer pennies than you think, in fact when you agree your fee with your ultimate sex bomb you may find that phenomenal female companionship can be had for as little as a hundred and twenty five of our Great British pounds. That’s all! And it costs even less if you lengthen the date to two or more hours! Given that there is little in this life that is better than intimate companionship, and given that the East London escorts are not ordinary girls, they are vivacious and sexy sirens then there really can be no better way for you to spend your time than with one of these busty escort beauties.

East London escort presents - mini town guides

East London has an international reputation for its people, its history and its jellied eels and we are proud to serve the area when it comes to giving the classiest service and best value when it comes to visiting escort dating. We have also tried to add ‘value’ to your special liaison by helping those who are just passing through the area to know where to go for a traditional pint or to enjoy novella cuisine at a trendy gastro pub and so we have compiled a page of information and recommendations for each of the major parts of East London that we serve.

We don’t pretend that the information on these pages is a substitute for a ‘rough guide’ but we do hope they will prove at least useful as a starter for ten. Locals are probably cursing at this point and asking why we have missed off pub X or restaurant Y when we wrote down the best of our local knowledge and you know what, they may be right and so we ask that any ideas are sent to us and we will include them when we update our town guides. You will also find hotel information to suit most budgets on these pages. All contributions welcomed!


Who doesn’t like to know they are doing a good job? If you have recently enjoyed the company of one of our incredibly sexy escorts and want to pass on your appreciation of her efforts then please do! Or if you have a quibble or a suggestion as to how we could improve things then let us here at the agency know! What matters to us is that you have only the best of experiences being immensely proud of the fact that the vast majority of our clients are more than pleased with the service and especially the busty escort beauty they dated. But we do not rest on our laurels and any opportunity to improve what we do is considered and acted upon. East London escorts have been setting the standards for a visiting escort service in the city for quite some time and we don’t intend to be second best at any time soon! Let us know your thoughts and thank you in advance for your contribution to our success.

Stories from Eros

“Stories from Eros” is a fun collection of sexy tales supposedly about an off duty East London escort. Her exaggerated bed hopping antics and her frantic attempts to achieve sexual satisfaction are a combination of light hearted laughs and sexy situations, erotic adventures to give us a lift, so to speak, on a rainy day! Though we don’t take them too seriously we do endeavour to make them entertaining and hopefully you enjoy reading them.

Erotic fiction that will have you laughing and loving, possibly at the same time – Stories from Eros, only from East London escorts.



Stories from Eros

All the latest news and sexy stories from East London Escorts

  • Heaven, I'm in heaven...

  • 9th November 2014

  • Some people are quite happy on their own but I have never been the solitary type. I hate being on my own and the side effects are magnified when I am away on business and having to cope with being in some mundane and banal hotel bedroom, staring at the nondescript walls and flicking through channel after channel hoping to find something half decent to watch. Inevitably I end up paying for some in-house entertainment in the form of an erotic movie or two whilst raiding the mini bar and ordering room service. By the time I’m finished I am...

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  • Extra special in the flesh

  • 19th October 2014

  • What exactly does the word ‘hot’ connote? I don’t mean in respect of the weather in a tropical country or the temperature of a pan of boiling water! I mean when the word is used to describe a woman. Calling a woman hot isn’t all that new I don’t suppose. There is a film from the nineteen fifties called ‘Some like it Hot’ starring Marilyn Monroe. You would have to be from Mars not to know super sexy Marilyn Monroe. I’ve always assumed that she was the real meaning of the title, despite the film mostly being set in sub-tropical...

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  • Hot girls on trend

  • 28th September 2014

  • Being someone who does not tweet I am still more than a little bemused by some of the jargon surrounding the whole Twitter thing. Apparently you have a user name – no problems for me there, and a password – yes, I get it, and you can post messages and pictures which your friends – known as ‘followers’ for some bizarre reason, can see and read. They can then reply, turning the random tweets into a conversation. But what is all this ‘trending’ nonsense? I am at a total loss to understand it. I read today over a story that is...

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