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21st May 2012

With Lucinda having the time of her life with her celebrity I found myself alone with the two hunky guys who looked at each other as if to say what happens now. When my friend had been with us they had been secretly working out who would chat up who but now they were in a quandary. For my part I fancied them both equally and I actually thought my busty escort friend had made a mistake by going off with the average looking and dull sounding actor. Still, perhaps the sexy escort had done me a favour and I would be able to take advantage by enjoying the company of not one but two hot guys. I know what you’re thinking; I am a greedy so and so but as I explained in a previous blog I haven’t had the best of luck with guys recently and I am desperate for some hot sex in East London and with two guys I figure that’s double the fun!

Anyway, I know guys who like to book two East London escorts at a time so if it’s good for the goose and all that! So, I took the initiative and asked if the guys lived locally. As it happens they were in the area visiting friends and so were reluctant to take me back to their place. I didn’t want to go back to mine as I had promised Lucinda she could sleep over and had given her a key. I had no idea what the hot escort would get up to with the less than hot actor and I had no intention of finding out by being interrupted mid coitus in the middle of the night so I suggested an alternative arrangement.

The guys were called Alan and Freddie and the former wasted no time in bringing up some options at last minute dot com on his smart phone. I told him that if they were expecting a hot date then they better book a hot hotel and so they selected a posh five star in Central London. I knew the hotel well having visited a client of East London escorts there a couple of months back. It is really upmarket with a uniformed concierge at the door and brass everywhere. High vaulted ceilings greet you as you enter the building and sound travels, echoing about the salubrious entrance hall.

I felt really naughty as I walked to the lift, flanked by the guys. They had booked one of the suites and it boasted a large circular four person Jacuzzi as well as an enormous wall mounted flat screen television. A bottle of champagne on ice was waiting for us and Freddie quickly uncorked it and poured each of us a drink.